PRS-CSE-1258 error

I need some help, I am getting a PRS-CSE-1258 error and have tried everything that IBM has recommended. Here is the text of the error:

Problem encountered during verification of session capability information.

com.cognos.accman.jcam.crypto.CAMCryptoException : CAM-CRP-1346 Failed to get the HMAC value to verify the package capability trust token. Invalid digest of the common symmetric key. Unable to find the common symmetric key with alias ‘C5ZakUnKXN8y7cQwm0TArp544U8=’ in the keystore ‘C:/Program Files/ibm/cognos/c10/configuration/csk\jCSKKeystore’.

The problem is the file is on the D:\ Drive and not the C:. I have checked the setting in the Configuration manager and it opens fine. Analyst will not open and that’s when I get this error.


Check paths in configuration manager the security section. check if the path are set right there


  1. close configuration manager
  2. rename cogstartup.xml
  3. open configuration mamager again and a new cogstartup.xml. Configure, save and start configuration.