Production server crashed c7.x

Hello Experts,

I have a weird situation at my client place and need your guidance regarding the recovery/ restore.

It has been a while that I have worked on Cognos 7 and in the recent past I moved on to c8 and c10. I worked as a developer in c7 version
and know nothing about administration of c7 version.

My client is dependent upon the Power Play cubes and reports related to c7. Could you please help me understand and give me advice as to where I should jump start to recover the environment.

Crashed Server: Windows NT
New Server: Windows 2003
No support with IBM.
No Back up/ Disaster recovery server.
Fired the entire BI team who handled the project by far and hired me (Cognos Admin) to support their current situation.
They have a image restored from the crashed server.
Have multiple gateways in crn and c8.
Have multiple namespace defined for security using Cognos series 7 (Access Manager), LDAP and Active Directory.
Oracle database for everything.


  1. Client says they have backup files related to c7 such as .iwr and .mdc and not sure about else they want me to have for restoring.
  2. They want me to perform a fresh installation of cognos 7 and use the back up files to restore in the new Windows 2003 server.


  1. Where should I start from?
  2. I know it is dumb to ask this but anyone has experienced such an issue and how long it would take to restore the entire environment and help start the environment running.
  3. What all backup files I need to perform the restoration?
  4. Will there be a version incompatibility issue if I use a different Cognos 7 installation other than the one that has been used in the crashed server?

I shall appreciate any additional advice that you might have for me.

What a way to start working for Christmas! :’(

Happy Christmas to all the readers! :slight_smile:

Hi sresthy,

That’s quite a challange!

First i would install the correct cognos version on the windows 2003 server. If you install the incoorect one you have to upgrade the datastores and so on…

Which components are we talking about? In your question i see these product names:
powerplay, transformer, Access Manager

But are you using upfront, PPES, IWR, impromptu, reportnet and/or C8?
Every product has its own restore steps. so please tell me which components has te be restored on this (single?)server.


Hello Martijn,

Thank you for responding.

The server hosts c7.1 version and ReportNet 1.1. I am confident that I can restore the ReportNet environment and worried about the c7 version.

The server they are gave me is a Windows 2003 server and want the c7 running as the business badly is dependent upon the C7 .IWR reports and PowerPlay cubes. I strongly believe that c7.1 version is not compatible with the Windows 2003 server and asked the Networking team to find a Windows NT server to avoid compatibility issues.

So my question here is about the pre-requisites that I need to start the restoration of c7.x enviornment. And any steps and procedure that you can provide me to do the restoration?

And ofcourse they have Upfront, PPES to be configured to support the c7 web portal, security is on Access Manager.

Please let me know if you need any further information to provide me with the steps to restore the configuration and also really appreciate if you can shed some light on restoring ReportNet 1.1 and c8.4 environments.

Thanks a bunch!


hmmm crn 1.1 is not supported since Inactive (as of March 31, 2009) and Cognos 7.1​ Inactive (as of Dec 31, 2005)…

i suppose that windows 2003 is a supported for these Cognos versions?

[quote=“CognosGuru, post:4, topic:545”]hmmm crn 1.1 is not supported since Inactive (as of March 31, 2009) and Cognos 7.1​ Inactive (as of Dec 31, 2005)…

i suppose that windows 2003 is a supported for these Cognos versions? [/quote]

No, no they definitely are not.

Tip: GTFO of CRN and S7-7.3 or earlier. They are crap.