Problems running Cross-Tab Report

I have created a cross-tab report in Query Studio and I am having problems running it. I get error RSV-SRV-0003. Was told that Content Store database has ran out of disk space and I need to increase the storage space of the content store database? How do I do this?

Hi Terry,

The content store database is a repository database for Cognos. This database is create on a database server with its own resources like cpu, memory and diskspace.

Ask the DBA where the cognos repository database is located to check the configuration/settings
There are 2 options:

  1. the physical harddisk is full
  2. the database configuration is not allowed to grow further or automaticly

This is most likely a database configuration issue.

good luck and let me know if this fixed your problem! :wink:


i have seen this error message once after a migration. Did you finished a Cognos version migration yourself? If so check the Cognos web server and the Cognos Configuration manager. See if you configured the isapi or cgi gateway URI correctly. Correct it and save the configuration and restart the Cognos 8 service.