Problem with Cognos gateway

First off, hello everyone on this excellent forum. I’ve been reading this forum for some time now and now i have registered also… 8)

I am hoping that you experts can resolve my problem.

I have Cognos 8.4 components installed on 2 servers:


Windows server 2003

Application Tier
Content Manager


Windows server 2008 64bit


I have installed complete Cognos 8.4 BI server on server 1, started services and everything is working fine. Then, I have installed another gateway on server 2, configured IIS and Cognos Configuration manager.

When I enter address of gateway 2, I get following error:

The dispatcher is unable to process the request. The request is directed to an unknown service name: .

DPR-ERR-2082 An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator. The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID:2010-07-09-14:16:28.371-#4

In cogserver log is the same error as posted above.

When I shutdown server 1 (Cognos BI server), and try with gateway 2 , I get error that there is no BI gateway so i know that communication between those 2 servers exists.

I can telnet server 1 from server 2 on 9300 and 80 port.

Can enyone help me with this ? It’s driving me crazy… :’(


i have some extra questions though…

  1. dpr-err-2008 has normally some error codes before or after this error in the cogserver.log. These errors before or after the error dpr-err-2008 gives you a better idea what really the problem is.

  2. what gateway protocol do you use cgi or isapi?

  3. please sent the URL values of both configuration managers to see how you configured both servers.

  4. do you see a splash screen when you type http:///cognos8 ?

  5. did you configure IIS7 correctly? ie. cig/isapi web extensions enabled etc?

hope to hear from you.


1. this is copy / paste from cogserver log: 2396 2010-07-11 20:01:51.864 +1 EC10873686A116382D999E7303F00B1D7B9AD21D hwMlyyhqhhwhyq9MyM9yljGywqd99499lj2wdysM 0 Thread-25 DISP 2159 1 Audit.Other.dispatcher.DISP.pogo pogo com.cognos.pogo.handlers.engine.ServiceLookupHandler Failure DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error. SOAPAction does not map to any known service. 2396 2010-07-11 20:01:51.864 +1 Thread-25 caf 2047 1 Audit.dispatcher.caf Request Failure SecureErrorId: 2010-07-11-20:01:51.864-#2 Original Error: DPR-ERR-2008 The dispatcher is unable to process the request. The request is directed to an unknown service name: . Handler trace back: [the_dispatcher] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.performance.PerformanceIndicationHandler [the_dispatcher] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler [service_lookup] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.engine.ServiceLookupHandler

2. I use ISAPI protocol


Server 1

Gateway URL points to server 2
All other environment configurations point to server 1

Server 2

Environment configuration points to server 1

4. Yes, I see the splash screen and after that dpr-err-2008 error

5. I have used this guide to configure IIS:

Also, I have created 32 bit application pool and added the cgi-bin directory to the 32-bit application pool

I can paste some screenshots of IIS configuration if it helps ? :wink:

Guess who,

what is the purpose of the second gateway server? Do you need it for failover or load balancing?

2 things cross my mind

  1. why do point to the gateway of server2 in the configuration manager of server1?
  2. did you try to use the cgi gateway on server 2? there was an issue with isapi and 64 bit (at least in the past) :-\

also sent the 2 screens of both environments URLS of both servers

Let’s fix this… ;D

Hello ! :wink:

We need other gateway to access Cognos from outside of our company.

1. I have configured URL gateway of server 1 to point to iteself, still no luck…i get the same error.

2. I cannot configure cgi gateway on IIS 7.0. I dont know why ?! If I follow guide from IBM (link posted above), I cannot add cognos.cgi as extension ? It only allows me to add .exe or .dll files. Do you know how to add .cgi extension ?

Here are the screenshots of both environments:

Server 1

Server 2

Man, if you fix this, i’ll buy u a beer ! 8) ;D


I have Cognos gateway up and running ! ;D

Thnx CognosGuru and admin for help ! :wink: :wink:

I have switched to cognos.cgi (found a way to do that) and Cognos gateway fired up !

For everyone who dunno know how to add .cgi in IIS 7, you need to surround the path to cognos.cgi in double quotes.

admin, I’ll buy you a beer bcouse u helped me with point 2. :slight_smile:

Good Job! IIS 7 is a pain compared with IIS 5 and 6… >:(

Were can i collect the beer… ? :wink:

Good luck with the rest of your server configuration!