PowerPlay cube usage stats

I would like to know if possible to see PowerPlay cube usage within Cognos Connection. Either this Analysis Studio, Report Studio or Query Studio (no PowerPlay web). I looked under Audit model, but can’t see how this possible to accomplish it.


I believe there is an field in the audit database were you can see which process has executed the request, like analysis service and report service. But this does not say anything about the source. It looks like you have to create a table with this info yourself because i have not seen this either before (out-of-the-box)… :-[

Hmm… interesting… do you happen to know, which field that is?


i think admin means this column from the audit database 8)

Audit - database view - COGIPF_ACTION -TARGET TYPE

Report Reportservice, Analysis Reportservice, ReportView ReportService etc

Ah… I know that column very well, but unfortunately that won’t give me what I want. TARGET TYPE indicates an actuation upon query/report execution, not a usage. So if user executes an Analysis Studio query, that column will be updated, but if user just open a cube with AS and drag and drop dimensions/measures nothing login anywhere, at least I do not know it… :-[

Thanks guys for your reply though!!!

I found it… it’s COGIPF_EDITQUERY with COGIPF_USERLOGON that join on Session_ID will give me all activity for the user on TARGET_TYPE = ‘Analysis ReportService’. Worked exactly as I needed… ::slight_smile: