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Powerplay and remote cubes --hangs --please help


We are on Cognos 7.0 (I know…old…very old…ancient…lol)
We have a project to upgrade to Cognos 10 very soon.
We have not played with Cognos installs for about 8 years…very rusty.
I needed to install/try out Cognos 7.0 on windows 7, with Oracle client 11i.
Got everything to install using 'compatibility mode’
impromptu works well…oracle data showing.
in security, my directory server appears and I can see all my users.
when I run powerplay, and open remote cube, I select the server, it list the cubes, when I select the cubes it hangs there until I get a timeout.
Its been so long…if someone knows this type of error, please help me.
Maybe it relates to Cognos 7 not fully working on windows 7, but If I can get some info on how this can be fixed on Xp I’ll apply the same work around on windows 7…fingers crossed.
Any help guys…


Is there another port or something to setup for powerplay???