Powerplay Administration tab is not displayed in parallel 32-bit Powerplay / 64-bit BI Installation

PF-SRV-6116 Unable to process the document, target is not valid or the target was not received.

Powerplay Tab under IBM Cognos Administration is not displayed.

Only the Powerplay Application Tier Component has the correct 'Presentation Service' to render the page.

64-bit Server with 64 bit Cognos 8 BI Installation and parallel 32-bit Powerplay installation or a distributed environment in which the Gateway primarily points to the 64-bit installation.

The 32-bit installation should be done in the following way
1. Install Cognos8 BI Server 32-bit
2. Install other 32-bit Cognos Component if needed ( fo example Metrics Server)
3. Install Cognos 8 Powerplay 32-bit
4. Apply Fix Packs and Component Fixes if needed
5. Via IBM Cognos Configuration make sure that the Presentation Service is enabled
6. Disable the 'Presentation Service' on every 64-bit Application Tier Component

If the Environment is distributed (more then one Application Tier Installation), every 32-bit Cognos 8 BI Installation needs to either have the Powerplay Application Tier installed over BI or the Presentation Service needs to be disabled on the BI Application Tier Component only Installations.