Permissions for report creation

I’ve created a new custom role with an intent to let all users that have this role create new reports using the Report Studio.
To accomplish that, I did the following:

[ul][li]for this role, I granted “Traverse” and “Execute” permissions for the “Report Studio” capability[/li]
[li]I have created one folder under the root Public folder and granted “Read”, “Write”, “Execute” and “Traverse” permissions on this folder to this role [/li][/ul]

Even so, when I login as a user that has this role and go to this new folder, I cannot see:

[ul][li]Launch -> Report Studio - is not available[/li]
[li]selecting an existing report - an option to “Open in Report Studio” is not available[/li][/ul]

However, when I go to Cognos Connection , and go to “More… -> View my permissions” on this folder - I see that the user has the “Read”, “Write”, “Execute” and “Traverse” permissions;
and when I do “More… > View my capabilities” - the user also has the Report Studio capability granted.

Is there something else I need to grant for this role to be able to create /edit reports?


Hi Marina,

The steps seems valid to me… So i expect something in the details.

The capability for report studio does have some child capabilities (see description). Are the permissions inherited? You do not need them all but does your new role have access to the capability “create\delete”?


can you show us (a screenshot) the capabilities your role currently has?

Report Studio
This secured function controls access to Report Studio, which you use to author professional reports.

The secured features associated with this function are

Users can author and run burst reports.

Users can create new reports, use the Save as option for new reports and report views, and change models.

HTML Items in Report
Users can use the button, HTMLItem, and hyperlink elements of the report specification when authoring reports.

User Defined SQL
Users can edit the SQL statements directly in the query specification and run the query specifications that contain the edited SQL statements.

Hi Marina,

I noticed the following line in your post

•for this role, I granted "Traverse" and "Execute" permissions for the "Report Studio" capability

Did you forget to set the “Read” permissions for the “Report Studio” capability? You should have them. Please check and test again.

Hi, Martijn,
Thank you very much for the suggestions. Yes, I did not have the “Read” (neither “Write”) permissions assigned to the role on the top-level “Report Studio” capability.
I did that - added both permissions just in case - and made sure that most of the sub-capabilities also have those rights assigned. Still no success…

I’ll try to attach some screenshots here . The first two are the settings for Report Studio capability, and “Create/Delete” sub-capability - done by an administrator user. The custom role of interest here is the "Emptoris Basic Reporting Role"
The next two are done when logged in as a “user1” - who has this role. They show his capabilities from the “My Preferences -> Personal” screen, as well as what he sees when he goes to one of the folders - you can see that there are no options to open a report in the Report studio…

Thank you very much for your help!