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PDS-PPE-0216, invalid security information, unable to open security

First of all, sorry, I probably posted this in the wrong forum as you try to sort the posts by their error codes. Unfortunately I didn’t find any PDS-Thread. If necesary please move this post to the appropriate place. thank you.

I’ve got some problems with a report studio-report and a new user I created. As I try to open the report with this user I got the error message mentioned in the subject. In the log-file I found the following

(…)Failure RSV-SRV-0066 Ein SOAP-Fehler wurde zurückgegeben. PDS-PPE-0216 Invalid security information provided. Unable to open ((Security)).

I found several posts concerning HTML-Items related to PDS-PPE and RSV-SRV errors. So even if it’s not quite the same error I checked these permissions, the related user has either execute und trans rights on HTML-Items as well as on Report-Studio.

For other users the report works and the mentioned user can open other reports. So it must be some thing between this user and the report. Do you have any idea on this?


Hi Matthias,

When i look at the error message i presume the datasource is a secured Powerplay cube. And i see other (existing) users can open the report and the “problem” user cannot use this datasource but can open other reports without a problem…

  1. what kind of security did you use for the cube (datasource)connection in Cognos connection administration?
  2. did you use security groups or roles from the security LDAP in the transformer model? If so the “problem” user must be a member of a role/group which has access to the cube data. Check with a other working user account.
  3. which Cognos BI version do you use?

Thanks for your reply. As I’m rather new to cognos, I hope I found the right information.

The security is based on views, defined in the cube itself. These views are selected by the user’s roll in cognos connection. All users, even the problem one, can view the cube in powerplay (web). And they see only the intended data. The problem occurs, when I try to open a reportstudio.

I’m using cognos 8.4.

Hey there,

we’ve found a solution. The problem was a german character ( ö ) in the name of a folder in the security. So this problem could probably only occure in an german, resp. austrian installation.