Path-through SQL reports

Hey guys,

Is there a way to identify all reports within Cognos Content Store that used path-through SQL queries?


Hi Alex,

i do not understand the ‘path-through’ part of your question…???

Can you please clarify this for me and maybe other forum members? I know the drill-through and the path components… :smiley:


Hey CognosGuru,

I picked this forum instead of Report Studio one for the reason that I’m not asking question with RS trouble, but rather Admin function, therefore I assumed that everyone would know what “path-through” query is. My apology and I will try to post my short description for it here. When you create a new report and bring for example List or Crosstab, Cognos engine will generate regular query, which will be a source for your report. Well, you don’t have to stick with default one and go to the Tools and pick a new type of query from the list and one of it will be path-through SQL, which named just as “SQL” (see my attachment). My problem that I don’t know how to identify reports that may use this type of query. Not sure if Cognos has provide us ability to run any check on it. I can actually move it if Report Studio forum makes more sense for this topic.

Thanks again for looking into it,