Order of Namespace Dropdown

Hello all!

Has anyone figured out how to change the order of the namespaces in the dropdown when you first access C10? In 8.3 we were able to do this but the admin who did it is no longer with us (and it wasn’t documented), so nobody knows how it was done. Any help (or even an IBM KB article) would be greatly appreciated!!



it looks like you installed a new Cognos 10 environment beside your current 8.3 version.
I believe Cognos uses the namespaceid parameter defined in Cognos configuration manager under the security section.

This namespaceId parameter is also used to construct the CAMID of Cognos. It is recommended that you do not change the namespace ID after starting Cognos service because this will break the policies and the Cognos role and group memberships.

Why do you not deploy the 8.3 content store content into the Cognos 10 environment after you reuse the Cognos 8.3 cogstartup.xml in Cognos 10?

MartijnC is right :wink: The order is determined by the alphabetical order of the Namespace ID, not the alphabetical order of the actual name entered for the Namespace itself. By renaming the Namespace ID, you can change the order the drop-down list.

Note that changing the Namespace ID may cause Cognos Configuration to recreate the namespace information in the content store, which could impact existing security settings.

The Gateway Namespace setting in the environment section of Cognos Configuration can be used to specify a default namespace for a given Gateway, but this will prevent the display of ANY namespaces other then the default, and the users will be forced to use the selected namespace.

The Gateway Namespace is gateway specific, so multiple gateways can be used on a system to provide different namespace logins.

Older versions of the product leveraged the namespace ID to control the sort order for the namespaces. In later versions, the namespace name is now used in an ASCII sort order. This was done so that administrators could change the display order without having to worry about redoing their security.