Open Cursor and Sybase

Hi There,
I am NOT the report builder but my college has trouble with his report. It runs for hours. He said to me and the database manager says to me that had to do with "open cursor"
I looked on the internet. But I do know now what the function is off a open cursor.
But my question is: What can I do to make it perform better. More connection, or any other parameter. Or is this the responsibility of database manager.

Has anyone experience with this .
Or maybe there is someone that can explain to me who it works under Cognos 8.4.1

With regard and thank you in advance
Nico Raspoort

Hi Nico,

I found this:
For performance you can increase your package size in the Sybase library used by Cognos. There are 2 types which you can use, see text below. Do some testing to find the optimal value.

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Data Sources
The information in this topic is an addition to the Data Sources chapter in the IBM Cognos 8 Administration and Security Guide.
IBM Cognos 8 supports the following Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise data sources:
● CT-Lib
● CT-15

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Connection Parameters

You specify connection parameters when you create a data source or modify a data source connection.

● Server name
Enter the name of the server.
● Database name
Select Master if you want the Sybase server to determine the default database. To override the
default, enter a valid database name.
● Application name
Enter the application name. If you leave this blank, the default is the name of the Cognos executable,
for example, BiBustkservermain or DataBuild.
● Collation sequence
Enter the collation sequence to be included in the database connection string. Collation sequences
are required only in rare cases where there may be sorting discrepancies between IBM Cognos 8
and a database. We recommend that you contact customer support before using a collation
● Packet size
Enter the packet size. For CT-Lib, the default is 512. For CT-15, the default is 2048. Increase
the packet size to reduce the number of packets that must be sent. Decrease the packet size if
larger packet size is an issue. The size that you can request can not be larger than the Sybase
server allows. Contact your database administrator for more information.
● Asynchronous levels
Select the asynchronous level.
● Polling time slice
Enter the polling time slice. The default is 100.
● Timeouts
Specify the time in seconds within which you want the database to connect or wait for your
reply before timing out. Valid entries are zero to 32,767. To have the database wait indefinitely,
enter zero, which is the default.
● Signon
For more information on signon, see the IBM Cognos 8 Administration and Security Guide.
If a user ID or password are required in the connection string, select the User ID check box.
If a password is required, select the Password check box and enter the password in the Password
and Confirm password boxes.

To create a user ID and password that automatically connects to the data source, select Create
a signon that the Everyone group can use. Enter the User ID and then enter the password in
the Password and Confirm password boxes.

Hello Martijn,

Thanks for your reply. Itś been a long time ago by us that you give support. I’ve have then a lot. :slight_smile:

It’s good there is your site. Keep up the good work.

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Hi There,
I found several things and a few things did my report running from 1 hour and 17 minutes to just only 15 minutes.
This is what I did:
The NUMOFROWS in Cogdmct.ini from 20 to 5000

I found this in a article on the internet.
When I saw the performance with DBartisan I was running must faster then with the old settings.

If anyone things different please let me know. I seeking for solutions.

With regards,

Nico Raspoort