One User in Two Roles , one as a Consumer and one as a Power User


If I had a User, we will call them “User A” - He Belongs to two Roles : Role A , and Role B. We have two Cognos Packages: Package A and Package B

In the Background we are using Cognos Series 7 for our security on a Cognos 10.2.1 Plateform, just to make sure we are all on the same page.

Due to the Persons Role; For Package A which is assocated to Role A , he has the Capabilites for Cognos Query(Power User Role)

Same User which is also in Role B, is only a Report Consumer for Package B and should not be allowed to query the data with Query Studio.

I was a Cognos Admin in Cognos 8.2 days and in my new job I am not and do not recall how to make this happen. I know I tested way back when and it worked but that was too many years ago and at a different job. I need the information so I can explain to our Cognos Admin what we need to do, since he is not aware of how to do this requirement. Any ideas?

Best Regards

Charlie Palmer

Hi Charlie,

the permissions, roles and capabilities of a user is a namespace are added together.
so permissions of consumer are added with the power user permissions. So you always have all these permissions. This is what you probably see at the moment.

the only solution i see right now is that you used 2 authentication sources/namespaces in your previous job. in each namespace you have an account. when you logged in Cognos connection you had to choose a namespace. In namespace a you had consumer permissions and in the other namespace as power user.

my 2 cents…