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One record per page report

Hi, I’m a newby to Cognos reporting, but have managed a few different reports. I’m trying to build something that queries records, and outputs them in a format that would mimic a form being filled out. Essentially taking a previous days records, generating something that would be used for an approval sheet.

I can’t seem to figure out how to add fields going down a page vertically. Can someone help?

Hi Matt,

You can do this with Report Studio. I suspect there may be multiple ways to accomplish it, but here’s one, using a Repeater Table:

I put together a quick video to show how: https://youtu.be/TOJyf35Or00

Here are the steps listed out :

  1. open report studio and create a new report
  2. select “repeater table” as the type
  3. select the “repeater table” element (I usually click on the center of the element in the canvas, then click on the “triangle” looking icon at the top of the properties panel (left side of the UI) - this causes a popup to show that lets you choose an element in the hierarchy. in this case select the repeater table).
  4. drag a query item into the repeater table
  5. Now - we want to edit the properties of the Repeater Table. Sect the Across property to 1 and the Down property to 1 (this controls how many elements show on 1 page).
  6. Now - we’ll unlock the repeater table so you can insert a table. Click on the lock icon in the toolbar (just to the right of the “play” icon in Cognos 10.2 and earlier).
  7. Now - we’ll add a table into the repeater. With the Repeater Table still selected, select the Table | Insert | Table menu item. For example, add a table with 1 column and 5 rows.
  8. Now drag the query items from the package into each cell of the table.

That’s it.

Press the “Run Report” icon on the toolbar to test (it looks like the “play” icon on a video player).