Number of concurrent connection to Content Store

We have cognos 8.4 environment, installed on one server (win 2003). As soon as cognos services are started, we get 10 concurrent cognos logons into the Oracle content store, even though no user activity is present.

I would like to know:

1- Is it normal to have that many when no users are logged on?
2- what controls/dictates the number of these concurrent logons?
3- can they be reduced? Are they all required for normal cognos operation?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

This is normal.

When performance is measured in milliseconds, establishing a new DB connection for each request can be prohibitively expensive. A frequent pattern to avoid this is to “pool” a set of pre-created database connections. When a server side request requires a database connection, one is “borrowed” from the pool (when the request finishes, the database connection is returned to the pool).

Cognos follows this pattern with its JDBC connections to the Content Store (its a very frequent pattern in J2EE based applications).

You can control the min / max size of this connection pool by setting advanced properties on the ContentManagerService, as described in the following article :

Thank you Lance for your clear and detailed answer.