“No Rows Returned” Message on a Report


1. Add a List footer from the toolbar or a Table cell from the toolbox to your report.

2. Change the text to “No Rows Returned”. You may want to increase font size as desire.

3. Insert a List item from the Toolbox into the Table cell.

4. Select Existing Query from the Create – List dialog box.

5. Uncheck Auto Populate.

6. Click OK.

7. The table fields will appear in the Table cell.

8. From Query Items select a field and drag it into the table.

9. Select the entire Table cell.

10. In the properties window click the browse next to Conditional Style.

11. Click the Variables button to create a new variable.

12. Click the New icon.

13. Name the variable and select the type. For this example select Boolean.

14. Click OK.

15. In the Layout Expression, create the expression definition: RowNumber()>0

16. Click OK to return to the report page.

17. Select the Condition Explorer from your report page.

18. Define the condition for Yes and No by selecting either Yes or No for the
variable in the Condition Explorer.

19. Select the entire table cell.

20. In the Properties Pane set the Box Type to reflect the response to Yes or No.

(Leaving the Box Type to Default causes the text message to appear on the report. Setting the Box Type to None removes the message from the report. In this example the Box Type is set to None for a Yes response to the Variable created and Default for a No response to the Variable. If the report comes back with no results the message “No Rows Returned” will appear on the report page. If the report returns results no message will appear.)

21.Save and Run the report.