New to forum, first question. Do generated reports 'write' to sql db?

I have two MS sql nodes running in an availability group. Our SQL Enterprise license says we are licensed for 24 cores (12 per server) but are only allowed to write to one. My current cognos config is reading data from sql node1 (which is our primary production server), but I’d like to offload the cognos processing from the primary node to secondary node. So my question is what constitutes ‘writing to the db’? Would output generated (xls, csv etc) of the secondary node be considered writing to the database and violate the license agreement? Or does output of this nature to a folder that happens to reside on the server housing the secondary sql node acceptable. In my mind writing to the DB would mean running actual sql ‘insert into’ or ‘update nnn where’ statements.

Comments appreciated.

Welcome Jay.

In Cognos, there’s a distinction between the “Content Store DB” (where Cognos stores all of its own internal information) and all other data sources that Cognos may pull data from.

For a given Cognos instance, there will be exactly one Content Store DB. You configure the Content Store connection via the Cognos Configuration fat client (on the Cognos Server) or by directly editing cogstartup.xml on the Cognos server.

Is the SQL Server DB in question being used as the Cognos Content Store? If so - then yes, Cognos is writing to it. For example, if you create a folder in Cognos Connection, then this is recorded in the Cognos Content Store DB.

If the SQL Server DB in question is only being used as data source for the queries generated by report execution (e.g. the data that shows up in report outputs), then Cognos is not writing to that DB.

Thank you Lance. That does help clear things up considerably.