New release Cognos X (10)?

I have heard, the new might be called Cognos X (10)…only a rumor (9 is going to
be skipped because TM1 is using the 9.x range).
Just a rumor…? or can anyone give more confirmation about this? ??? ::slight_smile:

I heard something simular as well.

release date somewhere second half 2010… TM1 engine will become a main part of this release.

the new version will be 10.1, why?
10.0 does not have the right marketing look and feel.
10.1 sounds much better and mature than 10.0, right? ;D

Check this link for relevant demos and Cognos 10.1 demos.


The weblinks page

found some new info about the new Cognos version 10.1

The opinions are quite different i would say…


Personally, I don't find the new features in 10.1 very exciting at all. I think Cognos should have focused on other areas. In my view, you shouldn't get too excited about it.


It will be IBM Cognos 10 to be released Q4 of this year; it will be an exciting version; stay tuned...

here you can find the link to the developers network post:

A Cognos VIP stated:

“This major release of Cognos software, code named Colorado, will reset the market by introducing an exciting new, and very visual, user experience; a dynamic, collaborative decision workspace and very tight integration of SPSS into the core platform. There are countless other innovations that we’ll be introducing, both for the user and more foundationally within the platform, including a significant enhancement to our query capability.”

just wait and see what those countless innovations are… :-\

Just received notification that Cognos 10 launches at Forum in Las Vegas Oct. 24.

Rob Ashe to launch IBM Cognos10 live from Business Analytics Forum Oct. 25.

Sign up to watch:

found the Cognos 10 teaser on youtube

they do not show anything of this version though… :frowning:

You can also signup for a live simulcast, because i can not go to Vegas… :’(

Sign up for Live SimulCast

you can watch from your seat at home! (or the office…)

Screenshots of Cognos 10…

i don’t know, CognosGirl :-\

[quote=“TROndrey, post:7, topic:139”]Rob Ashe to launch IBM Cognos10 live from Business Analytics Forum Oct. 25.

Sign up to watch:[/quote]

Oh, is this IBM Cognos10 released, just wondering whether Cognos 10.1 BI is IBM’s product only?