Need list of Known issues in Cognos 8.2

Hi All,
Currently we are using Cognos 8.2 version and upgrading to Cognos 8.4 version. Could anyone give me the list of issues in cognos 8.2 and what is the benefit of upgradation into newer versions? Also I need what are all the issues we may find during the upgradation time?

Please provide me the details ASAP.

Fatima S.

Hello Fatima,

The known issues in Cognos BI 8.2 is not really available but there is a fixlist of the 8.3 RTM release. It is 36 pages with issues they have solve in 8.3 compared with the 8.2 version. So a kind of known issues of the 8.2 version solved in 8.3… :-\

But if you are using 8.2 already, then you know the problems you have run into using the product. Those issues matter to you, not all issues of components or functions you have never used… correct?

hope it helps.


There is many, many changes, GOOD changes available in 8.4 (or better yet 8.4.1), but I would highlight few main:

  1. Multi page dashboard (very slick and useful, I love it)
  2. Ability to provide Analyst Studio like style Express Report Studio, which is light version of complex for novice report author
  3. 8.4.1 support Firefox, IE 8, Windows 7, Oracle 11g and more…

Those changes are main, for me at least, but there is lots of more that you can read from CognosGuru’s link that in previous posting.

Good luck with upgrade!