Model not found in context

Cognos Controller 8.5

Error message in Cognos Controller 8.5 when you try to access menu Maintain – Jobs – Define.(This menu is only available when you use a Cognos Controller database in the New Consolidation Engine mode. You can test with a new empty controller database)

Model not found in context; jobUnable to find instance of model of type: job, ttype interface com.cognos.ccr.models.job.JobModel (load=LAST)Exceptionid=ERR.ANY.WEBSERVICECONNECTIONEXCEPTION.CANNOT_EXECUTE_SERVICE, argument(s)=[,010:2e850961-51f1-11df-b404-d5d34bef5812:0650936176]FAIL: Message: Permission denied source: FrJavaProxyB

The Cognos service IBM Cognos Controller Java Proxy is run as local system on the controller application server.

Change the IBM Cognos Controller Java Proxy service to run as the same windows account used by the Cognos Controller COM+ service.