Migration of Cognos Impromptu reports to Cognos 8 reports

Note : Cognos 7 series reports to migrate /rebuild the same reports in the version of Cognos 8.2 reports(Migration/New report development )

We would like to know that in my client place nearly 150 Cognos impromptu reports are there, all of the reports we need to migrate into Cognos 8.

Step 1: Here we don’t have any access to Framework manager model, just third party vendors will provide all the packages information and based on the package we have to develop the Cognos 8 reports.
Note: We are not responsible persons to develop the Framework Manager models.They will publish the models and we have to develop the same Impromptu report in Cognos 8.

Step 2: In all the Cognos impromptu reports they have already established role base security which means that, this is HR and Payroll system and all of the employees is not able to access the Salary of the other employee.I mean Salary column is restricted for other employees when they logging in to the payroll system.

Step 3: How to implement the same security in the Cognos reports?

Here I am requesting the following questions from the developers in this forum.

Question 1: How to develop the same Impromptu report in the Cognos 8 reports(rebuilding of the same report)?.
Question 2: How to build/implement the security in the Cognos report side?.
Question 3: How to test the newly developed report in the Cognos 8?.

I am really need help from all of them.Please send me the complete information.

Kind Regards,

Hi Ravi,

You might use the Cognos migration manager to migrate all the impromptu reports to report studio reports. You can migrate the impromptu catalog to a framework as well…

But maybe this is not what you are looking for

answer 1. i prefer report studio to develop the reports
answer 2. first setup the security in Cognos portal. Once this is in place you can use users, groups and roles to secure data in the report
answer 3. Once the report is saved, you can open it with a test user account with the memberships of groups and role you like to test.


Thanks for your reply.I am not worrying about the Framework manager models.Models already build/ developed in Framework manager.

I have to develop the reports(same list reports formats from impromptu have to develop in Report studio).

How to implement the security in report studio(element security for example Salary element wanted to restrict the other employees).

Please let me know the steps to implement the security for the report side(not Framework manager side).


Make a script to migrate the security from acces manager (ex by sdk) to Cognos8 portal - so set the users groups roles first in the portal

And i would worry about the framework models if there is build in security in the catalogs. U have to manually rebuild the security groups in framework.