Microsoft Excel 2000 Multipage Report Type Does Not Work

Microsoft Excel 2000 Multipage Report Type Does Not Work

To ensure that report URLs cannot be changed when passed from a client browser to the report server, IBM Cognos 8 applies signatures to the URLs it generates. However, Excel 2000 multipage (XLS) does not support signed URLs. To use the Excel 2000 multipage report type, you must disable digital signing of the URLs by doing the following:

Steps to Disable Signed URLs
Stop the dispatcher.
In the c8_location/configuration directory, rename the cafconfig.xml.sample file to cafconfig.xml.
Open the cafconfig.xml and find the following section:

<!--Should we reject unsigned requests for /gd/ urls.
(e.g. multipage excel reports)Default: true--><crn:parameter name="caf_signedReportUrls"><crn:value xsi:type="xsd:boolean">true</crn:value></crn:parameter>Change ="xsd:boolean">true</crn:value> to ="xsd:boolean">false</crn:value>.

Restart your dispatcher.
Repeat the above steps for every dispatcher in your environment, or copy the cafconfig.xml to each c8_location/configuration directory and restart the dispatchers.