Metric Studio: Time Periods Stage File (.cal)

The time_periods_stage file is used to load time periods into your custom calendar.

Ensure that your custom calendar includes only complete years because you cannot add periods to a partial fiscal year.

Time periods cannot overlap. Ranges defined by the start_time_cd and end_time_cd must be unique by level and mutually exclusive. However, gaps between time periods are allowed.

The summarization of time periods in one level to time periods in a higher level is expressed as a set of parent-child relationships. These relationships are defined by including the start_time_cd of the child in the start_time_cd to end_time_cd range of the parent.

Level_id and start_time_cd uniquely identify each period.

The time periods stage file loads the time_period_stage table. The columns in the time periods stage file are as follows.

No. Column Description
1 level_id

The code corresponding to the time granularity.

Must match the level_id defined in the time_levels (.lvl) file.


2 start_time_cd

The calendar-based started date for the specified period.

Value: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (24-hour clock)


3 end_time_cd

The calendar-based end date for the specified period.

Value: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (24-hour clock)

The end_time_cd value must be specified as the last minute of a time period. For example, 2005-01-01 23:59:00.


4 fiscal_year_value

The fiscal year to which a period belongs.

The fiscal_year_value overrides the Metric Studio default behavior. Metric Studio uses the first time period provided with the earliest start_time_cd to derive the fiscal year values.


5 period_number

The order within a parent level. For example, the period_number is 12 if it is the last month in a monthly calendar with year as the parent level.

Must be unique and sequential within each parent level.

Value: Depends on the defined calendar. For example, 1 to 52+ for a weekly custom calendar.

The period_number overrides the Metric Studio default behavior. If period_number is not provided, Metric Studio assigns period_number based on start_time_cd order.


6 language_text_id

The external object identifier for a period name. The language_text_id is used as the default period name if no period is provided in the time language text file.

7 created_dt

The date the object was created.

Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (24-hour clock)

(hh:mm:ss values are optional)


Source: Metric Studio User Guide 8.4.1