Metric Studio tables

Quick question.

I went into the documentation to learn something about the Metric Studio tables. Not to fool with them, but to look and see where things are. For example, once I load stuff into the staging tables and then load it into the Metric Studio tables, I’d like to look in the Metric Studio tables to see that they loaded. Again, not to touch, just to see.

I didn’t see anything in the documentation. Is there any place where people have found lists a few of the tables and what they do?



i always look in the log files first when i develop a new metric package.

You can find the log files at the following locations:


The metaloader log file contains information about
o when did the load start
o how many and what types of objects were loaded
o the amount of time taken to apply the business rules
o steps in the metrics loading process
o how long the load took to run

The load_summary.log file contains the number of loading errors and the associated error codes.

That is great! Thanks. I found them. You are cool!


thanks! ;D