Metric Studio: Stage Watchlist File (.cwl)

The stage watchlist file contains information for adding a portlet.

The stage watchlist file loads the stage_watchlist table. The columns in the stage watchlist file are as follows.

No. Column Description
1 kpi_id

A unique identifier for the metric.

Maximum length: 255


2 kpi_indicator_type_id

The unique identifier of the metric type for the metric.

Value: metric type ID

Required for a metric

3 kpi_home_sc_id

The unique identifier of the home scorecard for the metric.

Value: home scorecard ID

Required for a metric

4 kpi_qualifier_id

The unique identifier of the qualifier to distinguish this metric from other metrics of the same type on the same home scorecard.

Corresponds to Qualifier Name and the object_id in the .cmo file.

Required if there is more than one metric of this type on the same home scorecard

5 user_namespace_id

The identifier of a Cognos 8 authentication namespace used to resolve the reference in the owner_user_id column.

Used to differentiate the value in the owner_user_id when more than one Cognos 8 authentication namespace is configured.

Maximum length: 255


6 user_id

The unique identifier for the owner of the object.

The name of the user, the identification of the user, or the search-path field in IBM Cognos 8.

Value: owner ID

Maximum length: 2000


7 email_alert

The flag indicating if the email alert is on or off.

Values: Y (Yes), N (No)

8 alert_start_dt

The start date and time of the email alert.

9 delete_flag

The flag indicating whether the object is to be deleted.

Values: Y (Yes), N (No)

Setting the flag to Y deletes metric custom titles (alias).

Default: N

10 created_dt

The date the value was set in the source system.

Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (24-hour clock)

hh:mm:ss values are optional.


Source: Metric Studio User Guide 8.4.1