Metric Studio: Stage Unit File (.unt)

The stage unit file loads custom units.

The stage unit file loads the stage_unit table. The columns in the stage unit file are as follows.

No. Column Description
1 unit_cd

The unique unit code.

Maximum length: 50


2 language_cd

The two-character identification code for the language of the data you are importing.

Values: EN (English), FR (French), JA (Japanese), and so on

Default: The language of the user running the task.

3 unit_type_cd

The unit type code.

Values: C (Currency), G (General), P (Percent), T (Text)

For pre-defined units, use C, G, P, or T. Pre-defined units cannot be created or deleted through importing the .unt file. Their names and symbols can be updated through importing the .unt file.

For custom units, use G. If you do not use G for custom units, the value will be converted when imported into the metric store and a warning will be logged in the rejects table for custom units.

4 default_unit

The flag of default unit.

Values: Y (Yes), N (No)

Default: N

5 unit_nm

The unit name.

Maximum: 250


6 unit_symbol

The unit symbol.

Maximum: 50

7 delete_flag

The flag indicating whether the unit is to be deleted.

Values: Y (Yes), N (No)

Default: N

8 created_dt

The date the object was created.

Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (24-hour clock)

(hh:mm:ss values are optional)


Source: Metric Studio User Guide 8.4.1