Metric Studio: Import Source Currency Stage File (.ccm)

The import source currency stage file specifies the currency expressions from the cube import source and the corresponding currency codes in Metric Studio.
The import source currency stage file loads the import_source_currency_stage table. The columns in the import source currency stage file are as follows.

No. Column Description
1 import_source_id

The unique identifier of the cube import source.

2 currency_cd

The currency code used by Metric Studio.

3 currency_cube_exp

The currency expressions used in the cube.

4 iso_country_cd

The ISO country code used in the cube.

5 created_dt

The date the comment was created.

Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss (24-hour clock)

(hh:mm:ss values are optional)


Source: Metric Studio User Guide 8.4.1