Memory Usage Cognos 8.4.1

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For serveral time I am searching the internet on the topic Memory Usage Cognos 8.4.1
I have the idea that in a 16 GB machine with 8 cores (4CPU) only the lower part of the memory is used.
I never see more memory used than 3 GB.
Now I know that BIBUS proces uses max 2GB because its a 32 bits process
And Windows 2003 enterprise (with the /PAE swtich) uses 2 GB because its 32 Bits
Java uses also max 2 GB
Where my interest lies is the following.
If I tune my Cognos enviroment with the formules related to the CPu/Core rules I get many Bibussen,
So my question is:
Has every Bibus proces it’s own memory of 2Gb (32bits) or does all bibus processen share the 2GB. Because I never see more memory used than 3 GB.
And I you formule dictactes 16 bibus processes is there a risk of thrasing the system. By me its look like it.
Sorry for my English (I am Dutch)
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Nico Raspoort

you are right.

the java.exe process -> max 2GB
every BIBUS process -> max 2 GB

but when you run a handful simple reports at the sametime, you will see many BIBUS processes but not a high memory consumption.

when you run a handfull large and complex reports at the same time you should see more than 3 GB of RAM consuption.

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I think it’s becomes clear to me how Cognos 8 works.

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Nico :slight_smile: