Maximum date

I have 3 fields:

  1. Item #
  2. Item notes
  3. date/time stamp

one item can have 0 or multiple item notes, and whenever an item note is created, the date/time stamp is recorded.

In the report, I want to show only the latest item note based on the date/time stamp per item #, can someone help?


what about a filter

[date/time stamp]=maximum([date/time stamp] for [item#])

I need to do this as well, except I also need a dollar amount for the gift that was given on the latest date. If I use maximum on the date I do get the latest date, but if I use maximum on the gift data item, I get the largest gift that was ever made, not the gift that is associated with the latest date. If I don’t use maximum on the gift, I get all gifts. How can I do this?