Macro for scanning Transformer logfiles

When you have a huge number of cubes, it takes a lot of time to check all the transformer logfiles. This macro scans the c:\temp directory for files with a log extension. All the found log files are scanned and when a TR, Warning or Error text is found the line is copied to a c:\temp\README.txt file.

Copy this code and paste it in CognosScript editor. Change the directory path where your transformer log files are located. Save the file and run the macro.

' Date:
' Author: Administrator
' Description: This macro parses Transformer logfiles for user-defined text strings
' and write the error to c:\temp when the strings occur.

Option Explicit

Dim LogFileNo As Integer
Dim FileNo As Integer
Dim FileLine As String

Dim AppPath As String
Dim iniFile As String
Dim LogPath As String

Dim TransformerLogFile As String
Dim ScriptLogFile As String
Dim CurrentLogFile As String
Dim CRLF As String

' Location of the logfile to be scanned.

Declare Sub Log_Info(Msg_In As String)

' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sub Main ()

Dim FileName As String
Dim ReportDirectory As String

On Error Goto ErrorTrap

CRLF = Chr$(13) & Chr$(10)

LogPath = "C:\TEMP"

'setup connection to output logfile Cube_Build_Notify_Script.log
ScriptLogFile = LogPath & "\README.txt"
LogFileNo = Freefile()
Open ScriptLogFile for Output As LogFileNo

Print #LogFileNo, "CUBE_BUILD_NOTIFY Script " & Date() & " " & Time() & CRLF
Print #LogFileNo, "Transformer Log File: " & ScriptLogFile & CRLF

FileNo = FreeFile()

ReportDirectory = REPORTDIRECTORYPATH & "\*.log"

'Set directory to scan
FileName= Dir (ReportDirectory)

Do While FileName<>""
CurrentLogFile = REPORTDIRECTORYPATH & "\" & FileName
Open CurrentLogFile For Input As FileNo ' open Transformer log file
Print #LogFileNo, "<<< " & CurrentLogFile & " gestart... >>>"
Do While Not Eof(FileNo)

Line Input #FileNo, FileLine ' read each line in log file

If InStr(1, FileLine, "Error:", 1) > 0 Then
call Log_Info(FileLine)
End If

If InStr(1, FileLine, "Warning:", 1) > 0 Then
call Log_Info(FileLine)
End If

If InStr(1, FileLine, "(TR", 1) > 0 Then
call Log_Info(FileLine)
End If

Print #LogFileNo, "<<< " & CurrentLogFile & " afgerond >>>"
Close FileNo ' close Transformer log file


call Log_Info("End CUBE_BUILD_NOTIFY Script ")
Exit Sub

Call Log_Info("Error " & Str(Err) & ": " & Error$(Err))
Close #LogFileNo

End Sub 'main

Sub Log_Info(Msg_In as String)

Print #LogFileNo, Date() & "-" & Time() & ": " & Msg_In

End Sub