Login screen html rendering problem

I have just upgraded my dev server from 10.1.1 -> 10.2.1 FP1

The issue i am having is that the html in the login screen seems “broken”. Background is missing fonts are different e.t.c

See here in the attachements. One screen shot is the normal one and the second is the problematic one.

The same happens either in the login screen of framework/transformer or from a web browser.

I have double checked the installation guide and i have audited security in the installation but i cant figure it out.

After i login the portal seems ok but i havent tested it 100% to see if the rendering is ok.

Has anyone any ideas?

I have read that the absence of the blue background is normal since from 10.2.1 they have removed this and replaced it with this grey background.

Even if that is true, the styling of the login screen seems problematic (larger fonts e.t.c)

thanks :slight_smile: , i noticed the same. saves me some time!