Logical database name


I’m currently using Cognos10.2 and I’m in the process of updating some reports that I have migrated tables from SQL to Oracle as well have published the package and now working on the reports that need to be fixed from this change. I don’t understand this error message below from one of the reports I’m testing to make its working from that change.

UDA-SQL-0357 A syntax error was detected in the SQL request.UDA-SQL-0338 In addition to the logical database name, only one other table or procedure name qualifier is permitted.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Look at the properties of the datasource connection in the Framework Manager model. This is where de properties are set for framework model like Catalog, Schema, and Type.

For troubleshoot purposes you can create a new framework and connecto to the sql database.
after creation check properties in FM and use them in your migrated model.