LifeCycle Manager Report Output \'Run date\' is always set to \'Aug 6, 2003\' in target report footer

Run date is always set to 'Aug 6, 2003' in target report footer

In LifeCycle Manager, when comparing source and target reports in the PDF format, the report run date in the footer always displays 'Aug 6, 2003'.

This date is hard coded in LifeCycle Manager (LCM)in order not to trigger false-positives as run dates are not necessarily static.

In order to modify this date to another static date value, follow the steps below:
- Locate the config.xml file in your Project directory, ie: ..\LifecycleManager\data\projects\project1
- Make a backup copy of this config.xml file.
- Open the file in a Text Editor and find the following entry: "<staticDateTimeOutput>1060180744</staticDateTimeOutput>"
- The '1060180744' string represents "Aug 6, 2003" in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In your conversion tool, ensure that you do not enter any values for Hours, Minutes or Seconds.
- Locate a Unix Time Conversion tool, (google) in order to generate the UTC time stamp of your choosing.
- Replace the default value of '1060180744' with your personal choice.
- Save the file
- Open the project again in LCM and run the reports on the target environment again.

For more information on specifying static date-time values in your source or target systems please refer to the below section in Chapter 3 of the IBM Cognos Lifecycle Manager user guide: