LDAP configuration

We are planning to implement multiple LDAP Namespace in our environment. Currently we have “LDAP_A” as LDAP namespace and we are planning to introduce new one say “LDAP_B” which includes most of the users/groups in “LDAP_A”. So we have copied the users/groups from LDAP_A to LDAP_B and in login page we are able to see both the namespace (LDAP_A & LDAP_B) as drop down, but when we try to logon “LDAP_B” it is showing error as “Credentials are invalid”.
We have performed the following steps
• Introduced the new LDAP in cognos Config and it is tested ok. We have restarted the cognos services.
• Namespace is showing as active in Cognos admin>security tab, but the hyperlink is not enabled so we are not able to see the users/groups in it.

can you please help!!!


Check the cogserver.log for the error when you try to login.

Is your bind user ok? Are you binding anonymously and is it allowed?