LDAP - Authentication Provider Configuration - Help Needed

I need help to configure an authentication provider. Cognos 10 is hosted on a linux machine which is not on domain but in network and has a static IP. Our Goal is to authenticate users from Microsoft Active Directory using a LDAP authentication provider or any other easy way. I am trying but unable to proceed. I have changed the following default values of fields mentioned below;

Type = LDAP
Namespace ID = MyTestLDAP
Host & Port =
Base Distinguished Name = ou=people, dn=OurDnGoesHere.net.pk
User Lookup = ${userID}
use external identity ? = FALSE
external identity mapping = ${environment(“REMOTE_USER”)}
Bind user DN and password = in the small window i have given OurDnGoesHere\khalid.mehmood and the password
Size Limit = 200
Time out in seconds = 15
use bind credentials for search? = False
Allow empty passwords? = False
Unique identifier = dn

rest of the values are default.

when i try to save and then TEST this it gives me following erros;

[ERROR] CAM-AAA-0146 the namespace ‘MyTestLDAP’ is not available
[ERROR] CAM-AAA-0064 the function ‘configure’ failed
[ERROR] the user cannot access the application at this time
[ERROR] CAM-AAA-0056 unable to authenticate
[ERROR] CAM-AAA-0064 the function LDAPHandlePool::createHandle() failed
[ERROR] CAM-AAA-0026 the function call to ldap_simple_bind_s failed with error code 49
[ERROR] invalid credentials

Please help me configure it.

and if i specify user in bind dn option in this format outdomain\khalid.mehmood it gives Operations Error

if i give in this format khalid.mehmood, it gives invalid credentials

you can also use the ‘Active Directory connector’

then you only have to povide hostname:port and Base distinguished name.
not sure if this works with Linux though… ::slight_smile:

::slight_smile: There is no option to create an Active Directory namespace, Only LDAP, SAP and Java options available.

:slight_smile: The test got successful when i specified base DN as follows

dc=DomainName, dc=net, dc=pk

if e.g. your domain name was DomainName.net.pk

Well Done! :smiley:
Thanks for sharing!