Last Function in Cognos 10.2?


I want to create a summary result for a column, Loan_Amount.

Let’s say I have 6 months of data for Loan_Amount for year 2011 which is given below:

Month Loan_Amount
Jan-11 5,000
Feb-11 15,000
Mar-11 25,000
Apr-11 45,000
May-11 55,000
Jun-11 60,000

Now, when I will cut the report on Year or Quarter, I sould get the following result:

Year Loan_Amount
2011 60,000

Quarter Loan_Amount
Q1 2011 25,000
Q2 2011 60,000

I have achieved the above in OBIEE11g by just applying LAST function to Loan_Amount in the Admin Tool.

How do I implement this in Cognos 10.2 ?

Any suggestions/ideas will be highly appreciated.

Thanks n Regards