Known issues when upgrading to Cognos 10


we are planning to upgrade our current Cognos 8.3 environment to Cognos 10. ;D (finally!!)

Who has done this and which issues did you run into? What went wrong, were the reports still working and did you use the new Cognos 10 engine or the old Cognos 8 report engine?

Is the upgrade really as easy as IBM Cognos tells us???

Hope to hear and learn from your experiences.


IBM claims that during tests 99.5 % of the upgraded reports from version 8.4 (i believe) were upgraded succesfully.
That is a lab test i think… in Practice the failure rate will be a little higher i presume.

Did you get your upgrade done? It would be good to share your experiences if you have :wink:

We have completed many upgrades from 8.3 or 8.4.x to 10.1 and have found very few serious problems. In moves from 8.3 to 10.1 there have been a few minor things such as syntax or properties have changed slightly so reports need to be modified to get them working again.

I guess these things could be a big problem if you had the issues in thousands of reports…

We are done with the technical migration but ran into some issues… Cognos BI 10.1 fp1

  1. filters in a drill thru report are not working well. Known issue and it was fixed with a hotfix.
  2. pdf generation fails when the pdf file is bigger than 100Kb… :’( (not solved yet)

Hello, Has the PDF generation issue been resolved? Is Cognos aware of this issue? We’re about to upgrade to Cognos 10
and have reports that are over 100 kb. Thanks.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8, you may receive Adobe link errors when you open PDF documents in the Cognos portal. To prevent these errors, in Internet Explorer 8, from the Tools menu, select Manage Add-ons, and disable Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper.

not sure if this is intended functionality… :-\

Cognosgirl can u put your error logging here for problem 2?

Just FYI. 10.1.1 RP1 has been released. Would suggest you move to that version before going into Production.

For problem 2, what is the error code?
Did you check the following?