JMeter - reportView - lastPage call


I’m running into an issue in JMeter testing (on 10.2), where I can get the initial run of a reportView to work, async calls for Working are successful, but the call to lastPage after the complete status is returning a 404 - File or directory not found.

Has anyone gotten this type of test to work? We have security set in the application and we’re using routing groups, so I don’t know if we’re tripping over that. I can get a test box with no security and no routing to work on a lastPage call for a report, so my first guess is something related to those items. We don’t have the SDK, so I’m not able to peek into code to look for what is supposed to come over in the call (we’ve been logging traffic to figure out items).

Just looking for hints on where to look next as I’ve exhausted any ideas I’ve had and my head hurts from pounding on the desk. I don’t see anything in the logs but I’ll be checking those again later today.