Issue with my cognos schedules (Urgent Help Needed)

Hi Friends,

I have one issue with my cognos schedules…My schedules are showing the upcoming activities but not executing and also not showing the current activities.

But when the same is executed by the admin account it is working fine.We also checked in the log and in audit database no logs found for this for that particular schedule.Its only happening for one schedule.

I have tried making it High priority,restart services…still same…but the other schedules of this user is running fine.

Looking forward your response.

The schedule might be corrupt. delete this schedule and create a new schedule and test again

Thanks for your response…I would like to know what would be the reason for it to get corrupted…any pointer?

I have seen this before, strange issues with schedules.
For me this is the Fastest solution. I happens once in a while for one schedule. Since 10.1 less often.

So no real pointer for you :-[

I know this is probably too late for this, but you may want to run DROP NC tables script. More details here (even its not exactly related to this problem, still should help):