Is it possible to create such reports?

Is it possible to create reports (in Report Studio) with these information:

  • all objects on cognos connection portal with their localization, type, size, user who created that object, creation time, last modification time and modification user
  • localization of presented report, execution time, query sent to database, report type (report studio, query studio etc), type of reports data (table, chart), users rights
  • actions like creating, deleting of modifying roles; stopping audit process (logging actions), deleting or modificationg logs
  • usage of privileged accounts (logging, logging out)
  • changes of such parameters as users passwords length, logging attempts proceding account blocking
  • launch of application or stopping application or its module
  • users capability and rights

How to get these information?

Setup the audit database of Cognos and set the logging levels of the services to ‘basic’. Some of your desired information can be found in the audit logging tables.

some other specific things like creation time, who it created etc, should be stored in the content store. I think you can retrieve it with SDK… but that is all i know about SDK, is how to write it… :wink: