Installing and Configuring Cognos PowerPlay 10.2.2 FP5 with Cognos Analytics 11.0.3

Answering the request of many PowerPlay customers who have been stalled on upgrade plans to Cognos Analytics, IBM has now published both a version of Cognos Analytics that is intended to support PowerPlay and documentation on how to configure the two to work together.

Cognos Analytics 11.0.3 is the first release of Cognos 11 to fully support IBM PowerPlay, which is an essential function for many customers still using the OLAP system in day-to-day operations. To install and configure PowerPlay with Cognos 11.0.3 and later, see this article from IBM discussing the needed steps. Note that some steps, such as enabling the legacy tools, may be unnecessary depending on how you installed Cognos Analytics. For example, in some custom installation or upgrade scenarios from a previous version of Cognos Analytics / Business Intelligence, the tools may already be enabled.