Installed Cognos 8.4 on 64-bit MS Windows Server 2008 (non R2) on vmware

I just finished installing Cognos 8.4.n on a TEST serevr which I created in vmWare. Our erp vendor, Deltek, requires that server be NON R2 for them to support all apps they provide . The 64 bit install is tricky but I am proud I finally got it installed, the service loaded and able to access the portal. I set up an alternative conrtent store. Would like to share experiences with others who have done/will do the same.

why did you not use the 32 bit version on the server??? :-\

Hi There,

32 Bits means 2 Gb for Java an All BIBUSSen. And 64 means greater room for all the Cognos Processen. Or am I wrong?

Nico Raspoort

a 32 bit process (for example java.exe) can only allocate 2 GB of ram. most of the time this should be sufficient for most of the Cognos configurations.

the BIBUS*.exe process is spawned from the tomcat application server and can allocate 2GB of RAM each. (But if this happens you should consider, what is causing this. Are you using the Cognos engine for ETL purposes (i have seen this! :-X) or are the reports poorly modeled and large that the BIBUS needs 2 GB of RAM.

Cognos will not run faster on a 64 bit cpu, it can only allocate more memory.

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I noticed that you have good knowlegde about cognos. It’s very difficult to find such answers in the books or on the internet.

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Well if Well the server is also more scalable to add disk and memory on the fly.
Besides u can spawn more bibustk processes and have sufficient memory

Make sure your drivers for oracle for example are 32 bits.