Initializing process Cognos Metric Store fails: \'ocijdbc9 does not exist\' error

During the process of initializing a new metric store in Oracle 10G, the error"ocijdbc9 file does not exist" appears.

Metrics Studio is using the JDBC driver to connect to the Metrics database. The same driver is used for the BI content store. The BI content store is not so sensitive, as the Metrics software concerning this driver version. Therefore the correct Oracle 10G version of classes12.jar must be used.

1. Check if the Correct Oracle 10G client is installed on the Cognos server, i.e. Oracle Client has the exact same version as the Oracle database server.
2. Stop Cognos service, because the classes12.jar is used to read and write to the BI content store as well
3. Copy the classes12.jar file from the ORACLE_HOME\jdbc\lib directory to the Cognos c8_location\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib directory.
4. Start Cognos service again
5. Initialize the Metric store