Impromtu Help

Running Impromptu in a Citrix environment as a published application with multiple users. Most user can launch Impromptu. However, two users can not. When they attempt to launch the Impromptu application, they get the splach screen and then nothing happens. I tried adding Impromptu to DEP. That had no affect.

Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a solution?

Hi Dennis,

Can it be something in the profiles, login scripts of those 2 users, cognos.ini file or are they somehow different than the rest of the users?

I believe Citrix is not officially suppoerted by Cognos for Series 7, but i have seen it working many times though :-\

maybe this is usefull for you:

How to setup Citrix Multi-environment Configuration

How to set up a Citrix multi-environment configuration using one Cognos.ini file per single user, rather than one Cognos.ini for all users


  1. Create the user account, and then logon to the terminal server with that user ID. A user profile is created in the C:\WTSRV directory (C:\wtsrv\Profiles<user>)
  2. Logon as ‘administrator’
  3. Copy the customized Cognos.ini file to C:\Wtsrv\Profiles<user>\Windows\Cognos.ini.