Images do not show in Excel 2000

Hi all,

i do not built reports very often, but no i run into the following problems.

  1. While inserting a image into a report, i am unable to browse the images directly. It gives me the following error. WEB SERVER ERROR : 404 NOT FOUND.

  2. Now when i use “copy and paste”, the following path : “D:\Program Files\cognos\c8\webcontent\samples\Images\logo.jpeg”, i can view the image in the HTML output. But when i run the report in Excel, i can not view the image. ???

The customer is using Excel 2002.



The Excel 2002 format is in fact MHT (Multipage-HyperText) formatted for Excel. The MHT file does not contain the actual images, they are embedded as http links (URLs). If the image path is not fully qualified in the report, the server name that is prefixed to the path is taken from the gateway URL as found in Cognos Configuration.

If the gateway URL is defined in Cognos configuration Manager using localhost (or any other notation not accessible from the client machine where Excel is being launched), the above problem occurs.
Ensure that the URL generated in the report is accessible from a browser on the client computer.
Specify the Gateway URL in the Environment section of Cognos Configuration Manager using the server name accessible from the client.

Check the correct web server directory is specified in the Cognos Configuration.


To use Cognos Report Studio’s image browser, you must enable Web Distributed Authoring
and Versioning (WebDAV) on your IIS Web server. If you use Apache Web server, you must
specify a directory in which to enable WebDAV.

Now you can browse to the directories where your pictures are stored.


thx guys, your suggestions worked! :slight_smile: