Illegal Characters For Planning Application

The following ASCII characters are not allowed as e.List item and user names, e.List item and user captions, user logons and user email.
They are also not allowed in dimension names or in namespace names.
Note that these are non-printing characters below ASCII code 32.

Decimal Char Description
0 NUL Null
1 SOH Start of heading
2 STX Start of text
3 ETX End of text
4 EOT End of transmission
5 ENQ Enquiry
6 ACK Acknowledge
7 BEL Bell
8 BS Backspace
9 TAB Horizontal tab
10 LF NL line feed, new line
11 VT Vertical tab
12 FF NP form feed, new page
13 CR Carriage return
14 SO Shift out
15 SI Shift in
16 DLE Data link escape
17 DC1 Device control 1
18 DC2 Device control 2
19 DC3 Device control 3
20 DC4 Device control 4
21 NAK Negative acknowledge
22 SYN Synchronous idle
23 ETB End of transmission block
24 CAN Cancel
25 EM End of medium
26 SUB Substitute
27 ESC Escape
28 FS File Separator
29 GS Group Separator
30 RS Record Separator
31 US

Unit Separator