Iis settings on Cognos gateway on win server 2003

Dear all,
We have a problem with performance in Cognos 8.4.1 for external users(external AD) , logging on to webserver with external gateway (win server 2003 ). The webserver is outside the firewall.
The Cognos server is (Windows Server 2008 Standard 32 bit) is inside the firewall.
When running cognos portal internally (internal AD) then it’s 2 seconds to run tabs and load pages. To run the cognos portal externally (external ad) then it’s 30 seconds to load tabs and pages.

Any ideas?

Are you running SSO? If yes then make sure that the cognos.cgi and/or cognosisapi.dll file itself is the only one with windows authentication set to it.
ie. Don’t set it on the cgi-bin or any other virtual directory.

This will save your users from authenticating for each little file including 1x1 pixel transparent gifs.

Also, assuming your using IIS as your webserver/gateway, turn on caching.

Hi again, we are not running SSO. We have a website (cognos gateway) outside the firewall where the external users log on using an external AD.

Any more ideas?
:slight_smile: Maria

so the external ldap and gateway config is slow and placed in is placed in a DMZ, correct? and the internal ldap/ gateway is fast(er)

Is the authentication process slow (verification with cm/ldap) or is the authorisation proces slow (ie. browsing thru folders)?