IIS 7.5 Rewrite with Congos URL

I’m having a issue with trying to IIS rewrite the cognos URL. I know the rewrite function is working because I have a simple setup in place. http://server/ibmcognos --> http://rpt103/hotdog

I’m not looking to do a DNS Alias.


Ignore Case checked


Append query string checked.

My wish is to shorten URLs for sharepoint hyperlinks.

http://server/c10/content/package[@name=‘Audit’]/report[@name=‘Execute reports by user’]

rewrites to :
http://server/ibmcognos/cgibin/cognos.cgi?b_action=xts.run&m=portal/launch.xts&ui.tool=CognosViewer&ui.action=run&ui.object=content/package[@name=‘Audit’]/report[@name=‘Execute reports by user’]

Discovered Problem: %20 added in the rewrite URL.

I would enter http://server/c10/content/package[@name=‘Audit’]/report[@name=‘Execute reports by user’] in the URL.

And the rewrite results would be http://server/c10/content/package[@name=‘Audit’]/report[@name=‘Execute%20reports%20by%20user’]

Testing I found this URL works fine with: http://server/c10/content/folder[@name=‘Test’]/report[@name=‘testing’]

Working on Solution in IIS Rewrite to keep the blank spaces in the folder and report names.

I will post final rewrite solution once I have it.

Also discovered this solution if you want to pay for it. ::slight_smile:


For Reports


Ignore Case Checked

Rewrite URL:

Append query string Checked