IBM Virtual View Manager 10.2 – email problem / smtp configuration

Hello everybody,

I’ve installed IBM Virtual View Manager 10.2 and I’ve defined a trigger with the action type “Send E-Mail”. Therefore, I configured under Administration > Conifguration the E-Mail Information (From address, SMTP Host and SMTP Port). The problem is that the defined SMTP-Port isn’t used by IBM VVM for sending the e-mail. For example, I set 10025 as the SMTP port. When the trigger gets activated, I get the following error message:

Message=A system exception has occurred. Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25, response: 421 [script-1900011]

It looks like VVM is always using the port 25, no matter what I configure.

Is there any way to force VVM to use a different port? Or have I missed one configuration?

Best regards,
Arne Arnold