IBM Cognos 8 Services

After you install and configure IBM Cognos 8, one dispatcher is available on each computer by default. Each dispatcher has a set of associated services, listed in the following table. Depending on the installed components you will find more or less services in your Configuration Manager.




Agent service

Runs agents. If the conditions for an agent are met when the agent runs, the agent service asks the monitor service to run the tasks.

Batch report service

Manages background requests to run reports and provides output on behalf of the monitor service.

Content Manager service

  • Performs object manipulation functions in the content store, such as add, query, update, delete, move, and copy

  • Performs content store management functions, such as import and export

Data movement service

Manages the execution of data movement tasks in IBM Cognos 8. Data movement tasks, such as Builds and JobStreams, are created in Data Manager Designer and published to IBM Cognos 8.

Delivery service

Sends emails to an external SMTP server on behalf of other services, such as the report service, job service, agent service, or data integration service

Event management service

Creates, schedules, and manages event objects that represent reports, jobs, agents, content store maintenance, deployment imports and exports, and metrics

Job service

Runs jobs by signaling the monitor service to run job steps in the background. Steps include reports, other jobs, import, exports, and so on.

Log service

Records log messages generated by the dispatcher and other services. The log service can be configured to record log information in a file, a database, a remote log server, Windows Event Viewer, or a UNIX system log. The log information can then be analyzed by customers or by Cognos Software Services, including:

  • security events

  • system and application error information

  • selected diagnostic information

Metric Studio service

Provides the Metric Studio user interface for monitoring and entering performance information

Migration service

Manages the migration from IBM Cognos Series 7 to IBM Cognos 8.

Monitor service

  • Manages the monitoring and execution of tasks that are scheduled, submitted for execution at a later time, or run as a background task

  • Assigns a target service to handle a scheduled task. For example, the monitor service may ask the batch report service to run a report, the job service to run a job, or the agent service to run an agent.

  • Creates history objects within the content manager and manages failover and recovery for executing entries

Planning job service

Manages communications with the Planning Job Server subsystem.

Planning web service

Manages communications with Contributor Web and Contributor Add-in for Excel users.

Planning administration console service

Manages communication with the Contributor Administration Console.

Planning data service

Manages communications for real-time reporting from Contributor plan data in IBM Cognos 8.

Presentation service

  • Transforms generic XML responses from another service into output format, such as HTML or PDF

  • Provides display, navigation, and administration capabilities in IBM Cognos Connection

Report data service

Manages the transfer of report data between IBM Cognos 8 and applications that consume the data, such as IBM Cognos 8 Go! Office and IBM Cognos 8 Go! Mobile.

Report service

Manages interactive requests to run reports and provides output for a user in IBM Cognos Connection or a studio

System service

Defines the Business Intelligence Bus API-compliant service used to obtain application-wide IBM Cognos 8 configuration parameters. It also provides methods that normalize and validate locale strings and map locale strings to locales supported